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I have always been drawn to New York. A romanticised city of opportunity, creativity, and a diverse array of everyday life.

Our latest collection Nighthawks, begins by exploring the city through the lens of American realist artist Edward Hopper. I love his ability to bring the feeling of the city and its architecture to life. He captures women in their own space. The light, the colours, the feeling. He celebrates what is urban, normal and day-to-day, while still invoking that excitement of untapped potential and opportunity. 

Nighthawks echoes Hopper’s balance to be a collection that is both urban and whimsical. Silks, linens and cottons are combined with bright pops of colour. Geometric stripes and checks coupled with painterly spots. Textured fabrics bring architecture and depth to your everyday. All while bringing to life our crisp signature silhouettes that are designed to flatter the female form.

Nighthawks will continue to grow as I explore Hopper’s works, his contemporaries and the New York city scene at the time.

I can’t wait to share more with you,