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Modern Romance

I’m drawn to the idea of love, the connection of it, the sharing. How it is passed between one another. This invisible sense of warmth that creeps up inside you when you know you are seen, you are valued, you are loved.

Precious moments of connectivity build up your world around you, the many types of love. Not necessarily just romantic love, love for your friends, your family and in all kinds of ways the different people in your life who make your world complete. Even those who you wouldn’t usually associate with the word love but if you think about it, the special place they hold in your world forms a special kind of love. 

Not to be forgotten is one vital love, the love and connection with yourself. Something often overlooked, but that connection you need to be your whole self. 

Gone are the notions that love is only for lovers. Love is all around and comes in all forms… you can make it what you wish. Love… Romance… It’s evolved and it’s all around us. It’s modernised. It’s a delicious force to be embraced. No limits, just love.  

Modern Romance is inspired by love.

Inspired by connectivity with yourself and the people and world around you.

Inspired by the life force that fills our everyday in all kinds of ways.


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Annabelle xx