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My mind travels to places near and far. Here & There. All of the places I would like to explore afresh, or return to again…


Cinque Terra sunsets, the white sands of Otama, Parisian riverbanks, Copacabana lounges. Fields of wildflowers, the Cote d’Azure. London.


My mind’s eye is limitless. I awake in Monet’s Water Lilies... completely taken in by the gestured brush stokes, colours and beauty around me.  Happily transfixed in my idyllic scene.


Here & There is inspired by escapism. It draws on resilience and unapologetic optimism.

It is designed to take you away to your happy place every day. To escape, and remind you of all the joyful things that there are to celebrate in the world.


Where would you go?

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