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Winter Musings from our Muse, Carolyn Taylor

August 10, 2023

Winter Musings from our Muse, Carolyn Taylor

Let’s talk about the changing seasons. What it means, what it provides, what we may need as the year shifts from one gear to the next. All I hear in my head when I think of ‘winter’ these days is the old Game of Thrones ‘winter is coming’ phrase…then my mind drifts off to Jon Snow and I digress…in my head, and clearly here also. Focus Carolyn. Seriously though. Winter can be a part of the year where we really must take care of ourselves. Make sure that as we head into a season that can be grey and cold in tone and energy not only in weather, but sometimes in self, we are prepared. Externally with our wardrobes and internally with our regulation, our emotions, our goals and our hopes! I believe that’s why it’s important to LAYER UP! Mind, body and… wardrobe! Just like a beautiful coat from Wilson Trollope is a must for wrapping us up in warmth during the cooler months (my current WT coat on rotation is the Charlotte Coat in Sea Foam by the way) so is setting ourselves up to have a healthy relationship with the time of year that can lend itself to isolation, bunkering down and staying closer to home.


Some things I know about how to enjoy winter and use it as a season for growth as opposed to just ‘getting through it’:

  • I do know that keeping the body healthy and flu-free is a priority for me as much as possible with a toddler in the house. Cue Vitamin C.
  • I know that the longer nights lend themselves to a spot of journal writing, a bit of yoga, a wine at home with friends or a FaceTime with an overseas friend if time zones permit before bed.
  • I know I also don’t feel too bad in the winter going to bed at the same time as Jasper to get some extra shuteye. It’s dark at 6pm after all!
  • I know that although plonking in front of the TV is an easy escape, it’s not always uplifting.
  • I know that making plans is fun to do so you can have something to look forward to.
  • I also know that without winter, I wouldn’t appreciate summer so much. - I know that choosing an outfit to wear ‘out’ is more fun in winter than other months because you’ve got to be ‘fashionably practical’!!
  • A Wilson Trollope print in a beautifully flattering dress and a classic coat has me feeling effortlessly pretty, and warm. (I’m sure that if you’re reading this, you’ll already be converted to the simplicity and beauty Annabelle designs for us all and wholeheartedly agree).


Winter gets a bad rap sometimes. It maybe gets more of our bad moods, a bit of impatience about the fact it lacks the amount of warmth and sun we love, it can be hard on our mental health… I choose to look at winter as a time to pause, warm myself up from the inside out, enjoy the dark, enjoy the cool, the clearness of the stars in the night sky, the chance to wrap up nice and snug and let my clothes give me a cuddle, knowing that warmer months are just around the corner and with that…the Spring/Summer range we can get our hands on hahaha! Happy winter WT lovers, sending warmth, hugs and a recommendation to really just buy that coat and read that book this winter.

- Love Caro x


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