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Winter 2017 Cactaceae


The artist wanders through the desert capturing the cacti. Pencils are her tool of choice, she uses soft pinks, greys, blues and greens. All else fades as she concentrates on each intimate study.
Each cacti is different: some show off soft spikes, while others are hard, some with woolly surrounds. There are tall ones, short ones, ribbed ones, round ones. The beautiful flowers lure her in capturing her attention fully. The bright sunlight begins to fade, and the evening sky transitions with soft desert hues. The textures of the landscape engulf her as the day begins turning into night.
She wanders on in her exploration, deeper into the desert plains following the cacti beauties, drawn into the shadows of the descending dusk. The cacti are changing - some flowers are disappearing, saying goodnight with the sun, and new beautiful jewels are coming out to welcome the moon... Purple, navy, black and dazzling white are taking over as her palette of choice.

As the evening air chills and blackness sets in, new harder textures come alive to greet her sense. The kaleidoscope of the night sky is descending onto her paper showing a mystical mix of darks, whites and brilliant colour. Transfixed in the beauty, she is swallowed into the night.
Wilson Trollope's Winter 2017 collection, Cactaceae, follows an artist's journey capturing the beauty of cacti in its native habitat. Inspired by the colours and textures of both the cacti forms and the surrounding landscape, a collection is formed that is luxurious, yet understated, and carries the wearer away on their own adventure to enliven the cooler months.
Body measurements of Wilson Trollope sizes*
   Size    Bust (cm) Waist (cm) Hips (cm)
6 78 65 92
8 83 70 97
10 88 75 102
12 93 80 107
14 98 85 112
16 103 90 117
18 108 95 122
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Comparison of Wilson Trollope sizes with international sizes
Wilson Trollope     6          8         10       12      14  
Aus/UK 6 8 10 12 14
USA 2 4 6 8 10
EU 32 34 36 38 40
Japan 9 11 13 

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